Garden Parties

July 3, 2016 Macalester-Groveland, Rondo (Frogtown), North End 16.7 Miles The creativity of fellow Saint Paulites continues to dazzle and impress. Unique yards and remarkable […]

The windmill in Clarence's South 40.

Remembering a Couple from an Early Ride

I met a wonderful couple in 2011, on just the  fourth ride for this blog. Clarence and Janet Purfeerst planted and nurtured a beautiful garden […]

Take Me to the River

May 27, 2014      West End, Lowertown, Downtown      13.5 miles The saying “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” is cliche’ but […]

Not Today

April 18, 2013 Zero Zilch Nada Zed Cero miles Another snowstorm means it will be a minimum of several more days before I go on […]