St. Dennis the Curvaceous

Another ride through some Highland Park neighborhoods tonight.  Most notable was the two St. Dennis’-Upper and Lower. Although hard to tell from this shot, this

The South 20

Saturday, August 20, 2011 Today’s 12 miles featured all but the six most westerly blocks of Highland Parkway.  The street is appropriately named as the

Where Babies Come From?

August 15, 2011 12 Miles Desnoyer Park and St. Anthony Park Maybe babies are delivered by the stork after all. I was biking north on

Thoughts of Candy and Beer

August 3, 2011 I got a late start tonight, which means a shorter ride. While early August is still full-on summer temperature-wise, the solstice is

Go West End Young Man

August 2, 2011 11 miles It’s National Night Out so I had to take a ride tonight. What a great night for a ride-beautiful weather