Birds at Pig's eye

The Largest, Hardest-to-Find Park In Saint Paul

July 6, 2022 Highland Park, West End/West 7th, Downtown, Lowertown, Battle Creek 24.3 miles Below, the map of the July 6, 2022 Ride. Saint Paul […]

89 Morton St.

The Unique Dome Home On Morton Street

The hilly West Side has its ups and downs-literally, the notch in St. Paul’s southern border and stumbling onto a geodesic dome house on Morton Street.

Pacific Street entrance

Old Homes, Roadwork and Stuff On Dayton’s Bluff

June 13, 2023 Lexington-Hamline, Cathedral Hill, Downtown, Lowertown, Dayton’s Bluff 22.7 miles Portland Avenue A gorgeous 1940 Plymouth Coupe in the 1100 block of Portland […]

Wacouta Commons Park pergola

An Old Park and a New Park

Stops at two lesser-known parks, a talk with a volunteer gardener and some unique new single family homes on Railroad Island are highlights of this ride.

Bethesda Hospital demo

Lost Landmarks Near the Capitol and East Side

May 4, 2023 25.25 miles Macalester-Groveland, West End, Downtown, Capitol Heights, Dayton’s Bluff, East Side Plentiful signs of spring this fine May day, starting on […]

Really living on the Mississippi River

Downtown, West Side September 19, 2022 8.4 miles When someone says they’re living on the Mississippi River, they really mean along the river. The few […]

Main entrance

One Family’s Fascinating History at Oakland Cemetery-The Son

Bobby Schoenrock followed his dad to work at Oakland Cemetery. He shares how he helps people through grief and explains they take care of the 100 acre cemetery.

One Family’s Fascinating History at Oakland Cemetery-The Father

People of all walks of life are interred within the park-like Oakland Cemetery.

Arther and Reva's home at 47 Lyton Place.

“De-Lyton” In My Time In the North End

Lyton Place is a tranquil tree-lined street with houses that appeared newer than others in the area. This sliver of the North End is a model for saving an old neighborhood in danger of decay.

Raised gardens

Improving a Little Corner of the North End

Macalester-Groveland, Midway, Como, North End July 25, 202220.7 miles Living in the southwest part of the city dictates that I pedal north or east on […]