Another ride through some Highland Park neighborhoods tonight.  Most notable was the two St. Dennis’-Upper and Lower.

Although hard to tell from this shot, this home’s landscaping is fabulous

These two streets have a suburban feel as both feature curving streets, an absence of sidewalks, large wooded lots and many ramblers and split-level homes.

Note the many windows that give residents stunning views in multiple directions.

A view of Lower St. Dennis Road looking southeastA view of Lower St. Dennis Road looking southeast

Additionally confusing matters is that Upper and Lower St. Dennis Roads intersect with each other at least four times.  The composite photo above bares this out.  Then there’s the matter of St. Dennis Court which I’m not going to go into on this post.


  1. St Dennis Court is one of the very few St Paul streets I have never seen in person. Thank you for the reminder to get there!

    1. It’s an unusual area and fun to explore. The streets wind to and fro, the lots are quite large and oddly shaped and there are very few sidewalks. In other words, it’s more like the ‘burbs. I

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